Want More Sales? Concentrate On Return Traffic With The Google Toolbar

If you look at Brick & Mortar retail businesses, you’ll notice a very common theme: keep the visitors coming back. If the corner grocery store didn’t have it’s loyal customers, it wouldn’t still be there – the large chain grocery stores would come in and take it over with their branding and big advertising budgets. Vintage Omega

But online, webmasters tend to concentrate on one-time visitors – SE traffic, article traffic, etc, while completely forgetting about return visitors. What does this mean? You have to work that much harder to establish your site as a credible source, because you have to go through the meet & greet process with every single visitor. hogar

Why not take some time away from link building and SEO and concentrate on keeping visitors coming back – so you can profit from them again and again? Run promotions, contests, update your blog regularly with new, fresh, interesting content, ANYTHING you can think of to keep them coming back. Youtube to MP3

In fact, the new Google Toolbar is a VERY valuable way to build credibility with new visitors and easily turn them into repeat customers. Associating your site with Google gives you massive credibility, and the ease of having your site’s RSS feed right there in their browser every time they open it is also a HUGE benefit – when you post something new to your blog, they’ll be alerted, and WHAM – free traffic.

But how do you get the privilege of having your site on the new Google Toolbar? Easy – your visitor simply clicks a link, and within a matter of seconds, your custom button is there. Now, there is some work to be done in the background, but it’s well worth the effort. If you don’t want to go through the pain of creating your own button code, there are products on the market like the Goobar – WPGoobar.com [http://www.WPGoobar.com] – for WordPress blogs. There aren’t any other automated scripts available for other blog types or websites that I know of yet.

The custom button API (Application Programming Interface – what you need to add your site to the Google Toolbar) can be found at Google and although the process of creating your own button can be tough, especially if you’re not tech-savvy, I assure you, it will be well worth it.

The first step is to create a .xml file that will become the base for your button. There are a few key items that MUST be in the document, so lets start with a basic template:

Now, you don’t want your readers returning to Google, so change the URL between the tags to your URL. YTMP3

Next, you’ll want to add a title and a description for your site, so your visitors remember that the button is your. For more info please visit these websites:-https://wyklady.org/ http://onlineearns.com/ https://webm-ccl.org/ http://instadatahelpainews.com https://www.craftline.at/

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