The Benefits Of Adding A Patio To Your Home

Whether you call it a patio, a veranda or a porch, the addition of a covered area to the exterior of your home is a great way to add value to your home and improve your lifestyle.

Below you will find just a few of the benefits you can expect by adding a patio to your existing home, coffee tables or adding one to the plans of a home you intend to build. This information is by necessity brief in nature, so if you need to find out more, don’t hesitate to contact a qualified tradesman for a further consultation.

Extra Floor Space

Especially with small suburban blocks, Parguruan tinggi floor space in homes can be limited. Adding an extension to your home is not always economical, or even possible, given local council zoning regulations.

A patio is not an extra room, but it can be the next best thing if it is well constructed. It is also possible to add removable or semi-permanent sidewalls to a patio, enclosing it to a degree. This can give you a space that is functional and adaptable, adding extra useable floor space to your property.

Added Value

Along with the benefits of extra useable space comes the inevitable rise in value for your property. Depending on the current value of your property, the addition of an outdoor area can boost the valuation of your home considerably for a very modest investment.

With all home improvements, you do need to be cautious of over capitalising. In low value properties, expensive additions may not get the desired rise in property value.

All Seasons Outdoors

Although the weather in Australia is generally great, it can be unpredictable at times. It would be a pity to let a sudden heat wave, or rainstorm, tiernahrung-friebe prevent you from enjoying your backyard over the weekend.

The cover a patio provides can allow you to enjoy the summer warmth, from shade and comfort, thus avoiding the problems associated with excessive exposure to the sun such as sunburn, heat exhaustion or even heat stroke in extreme cases. In addition, rain presents no problem to a well installed patio and you can enjoy the sound of rain on your roof whilst outside under full cover.

Entertainment Area

For many people with small or even average sized homes, entertaining a group of friends can be a struggle, as space is at a premium. The addition of a patio to your home can give you the space needed to entertain your friends and family in style.

Being outdoors, you do not have the worry of your house guests accidentally spilling things in your home or damaging you furniture. Of course, Dank carts your family and friends will try their best not to do this anyway, but accidents happen! In addition, there is the obvious benefit of having a famous Australian barbeque on your brand new patio!


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