Teaching Your Pup to Like His Cage

Many people are worried that their dog will grow to dislike their dog create, especially if they’re put in it too often. To the contrary, technuevo dogs that are used to going in their dog crate are generally quite happy to do so. It’s the dog that’s never been in a dog crate before that kicks up a fuss and refuses to go into one.   So, how do you teach your pup to like it’s crate. There are a few simple things to you can do to ensure that your dog will like, cobonanza or at least happily tolerate, it’s time in its crate.

Start Young You should start crate training your pup from the day you bring it home. Chances are your pup was one of a litter, and he may have symptoms of separation anxiety when you bring him home. He may whine and want to be with you all the time, scopehash resting on your chest if possible! You should comfort your pup, pet it and allow it to be close to you. But at some point–perhaps when you go to bed, or if you have work to do, put your pup in its crate. It may whine and complain, but don’t give in. comboplan

It’s good for your pup to learn to like being in a crate. It will make house training a lot easier, and your home will be safe from the ravages of a pup on the loose. This only needs to be kept up for a time. Once your dog is older, chances are it will be fine to allow it freedom of the house when you are there, onebigbud although that of course depends on your dog, and how “puppy proof” your house is.

Cover your Cage at Night Dogs are not nocturnal. They like to run and play during the vibratize day and sleep at night. (Cats are the opposite.)  They also like a nice cozy place to sleep, where they feel protected and secure. A cage is perfect for this.   Make sure it’s comfortable for them, mudislife well ventilated, then tuck the cage away in a quieter part of the house. Whenever your pup is tired he has a safe haven to retreat to. (Particularly helpful if you have small children around.)

If you have an open wire cage, you might find it helpful to cover the cage at night with material that lets air through but keeps out some of the light, superanet or cover it in such a way that there is an opening so fresh air can circulate. Of course it depends where you live and what time you get up, but dogs do tend to wake with the rising sun, and if that’s 5.00 a.m.


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