Lacrosse Pocket – How to String Lacrosse Mesh Pockets

There are two types of lacrosse pockets, mesh pockets and leather string pockets. The majority of sticks today have switched to mesh because it offers more consistency for better handling and ienlarge ball control. The one disadvantage of a mesh pocket is that it is not as durable. Listed below are three easy steps to helping you make a better mesh lacrosse pocket.

1. First, remove the shooting strings (located on the edges of the lacrosse stick) because you do not want to stretch them.

2. Place the lacrosse mesh in hot water for 15 to 20 minute to loosen it up and allow it to stretch.

Tip #1 : You can also try using conditioner (like an egg white on your pocket, forbixindia this will make it a little stiffer.)

Tip #2 You can also stiffen it up a little by using a hair dryer to dry the lacrosse mesh pocket after you are done stretching it. This gives you a bigger pocket to catch with.

3. With the mesh wet, stretch with a ball for at least 20 to 30 minutes but up to 24 hours.

There are many ways to stretch a lacrosse mesh pocket, pocketlegals but the most common way to stretch a mesh pocket is by using the knife and ball trick. Place the lacrosse ball inside pocket, then place a butter knife through the inside of the lacrosse mesh head to hold the ball in place. This should force the mesh lacrosse pocket to deepen.   Allow the pocket to stretch overnight or for 24 hours.

Suggestion : You want to string a lacrosse pocket so that it can be as large as possible without being illegal. An illegal lacrosse pocket is one in which the ball sit so deep, it does not come to the bottom of the head. Also a head that is pinched at the base of the head can also be illegal.

4. When the pocket is dry, rsmelati take the ball and press it into the front and the back of the lacrosse stick. Also check to make sure it is still legal. An illegal pocket is a pretty big penalty in lacrosse.


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