Halong Bay Is Bai Chay Beach

Bai Chay is a huge attractive beach which faces Halong Bay. This man-made beach is extremely large and is secluded from the neighboring countryside by two kilometers of rolling limestone hills. At 100 meters wide and approximately 500 meters in length, Entrümpelung Stuttgart it is among the largest beaches in Vietnam.


Bai Chay Beach is made of sand that is dark in color, which is ironic since Bai Chay means ‘scorched beach’. The name Bai Chay descends from a tale dating back to 1287. At that time a fleet of ships carrying food to an invading army was anchored within the bay. This fleet belonged baywind residences to the Yuong-Mongolian conqueror Truong Van Ho. The indigenous troops, led by Tran Khanh Du set fire to the entire fleet, which was then fed by an unusually strong wind. The burning ships then drifted apart and ashore where they burned with such ferocity that the nearby forest that once lay to the west of Cua Luc was destroyed.

One other legend states that the western side Madeira of Cua Luc once contained a wharf that was used to give boats access to the shore. These vessels struggled against acorn barnacles which would frequently affix themselves to the sides of the boast, beneath the water line. These barnacles were a threat to sink other neighboring vessels. The local sailors used leaves from the casuarina trees to burn the barnacles. The neighboring villages could always see the blaze coming from the beach, and so they called it Bai Chay. Autoværksted


As with the entire area of Halong Bay, Bai Chay beach has a tropical climate. It is typically warm, and thousands of residents and tourists are known to fill the beach with a lively atmosphere during the cool parts of the day. Access to this beach is made possible through jocuri poki a paved road that is bordered by the powdered white sand of the beach and lush green rows of casuarina trees.

The visiting tourists may feast at the surrounding family run restaurants. The beach is also served by resident fishermen who can bring locally caught seafood cali plug carts or local cuisine to the visitors of the beach. There is also the opportunity to leave the beach and board one of the neighboring cruise vessels for food or tours of the bay. The most inquisitive travelers can even charter their own boat to travel within the safety of Halong Bay.

Travelers can entertain fragrance samples themselves by viewing diverse theater attractions including water puppets, traditional musical theater, and sporting events. For overnight tourists, there is lodging available in a range of prices, including full resort style accommodations, several luxury hotels and even locations in the quaint local villages. With the beautiful landscape and friendly atmosphere, business no trip to Halong Bay will be complete unless it includes time enjoying Bai Chay Beach.


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