Badge Reels – The Best Fasteners For Your Name Tags

Most businesses these days require employees to wear some type of identification, usually in the form of a name tag with the employee name, the company’s name, and their position or department clearly displayed at all times. There are many fastener options such as pins, fastener company clips or strap clips, magnets, or lanyards. However, finding a fastener selection that works well with all employees in the different departments in your company can be difficult. Additionally, we’ve all heard about or even some of us been that employee that forgets their name tag even when they don’t mind wearing it. So what’s the best name tag fastening solution to help employees wear their name tags comfortably and not lose them? Try a retractable badge reel!

Do you have those employees Executive presence that don’t want to wear their name tag because the pins on the back put little holes in their shirt? Maybe certain employees find it difficult to wear their name tags from a lanyard around their neck for safety reasons in fear it will get caught in a production machine or hung up if they do a lot of lifting or physical labor. Lanyards or strap clips with large or heavy name tags attached might just be too cumbersome on the neck if worn all day as well, even if just in an office building. On a more serious note, some employees can’t use a magnet on the back of their name tag as it will interfere with certain medical devices. So what do you do? Do you purchase a wide variety of fastener options to please everyone, then end up with a variety of many random fasteners left over? No, use retractable badge reels instead!

If all your employees have different opinions on the best fastener to use with their company name tags, badge reels can be the best solution. Name tags can be easily attached to the end of the badge reel and badge reels can then be clipped almost anywhere. They’re not magnetic, won’t poke holes in any sheer fabrics, and they can attach to almost anywhere else that’s comfortable paoc-africa for the employee. The name tag will be out of the way at work if attached to a shirt pocket, collar, belt loop, or even on the back of a hat, yet will still be at arms reach at all times. Badge reels can make wearing name tags comfortable for all employees no matter their attire or what type of field they work in, indoors or out.

The versatility of a badge reel is also a tremendous help for those employees that frequently lose or forget their name tags. The clip on the back of the badge reel can be fastened inside the car somewhere so the employee can leave it there as soon as their shift ends and have it ready bright and early when they arrive to work the next day. A badge reel can also be attached to the inside coinmarketalert of a ladies’ purse so she always has it with her when she starts her next shift. Employees can also easily attach their name badge with a badge reel to the inside of their locker or cubby space at work so they see it as soon as they check in in the morning.

Retractable badge reels are durable and most are rated for thousands of pulls before they’ll start to show wear and tear. They’re versatile and can be worn in so many places, shitcoinx as well as be stored easily in many places to make it more convenient for employees to remember them. They’re generally cost effective and certainly less expensive than purchasing a multitude of different fasteners to please all employees. So what is the best fastener for your company’s name tags? Retractable badge reels!


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